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About Us

Capitalware Inc. is a consulting services and product development firm specializing in messaging middleware space. The President of Capitalware Inc., Roger Lacroix, has been involved with IBM MQ (aka WebSphere MQ, MQSeries) since its inception by IBM in 1994.

Currently, Capitalware Inc. provides products, services, and training for IBM MQ to companies across North America. We sell 14 commercial products in the IBM MQ marketplace and 1 commercial product in the MQTT marketplace. We also support 6 licensed as free products and 9 open source projects in the IBM MQ space. The products range from developer tools to security solutions. MQAUSX, z/MQAUSX and MQ Visual Edit are Capitalware's leading products. MQ Visual Edit is by more than 900 companies worldwide, primarily large companies from the financial services and retail sectors. Over 30 resellers worldwide sell Capitalware Inc. products.

Capitalware, Inc. is a business partner with IBM, HP, Red Hat and Novell.

Mission Statement

Given today's fast-paced, ever changing technological world, Capitalware Inc. will help you implement a solution that is not only right for today but also incontestable for tomorrow.


Software that resides between an application program and the base operating systems, databases and networking functions. Its purpose is to shield application developers from the complex low-level coding. Middleware provides interoperability, portability and scaleabilty of applications.

Head Office Location:

Location: How to reach us:
Capitalware Inc.
Unit 11, 1673 Richmond Street, PMB524
London, Ontario
N6G 2N3
Sales: +1-226-980-7307
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