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Universal File Mover

The Universal File Mover v1.2.2 (UFM) application is a managed file transfer solution that facilitates the transfer of files using FTP, HTTP, SCP, SFTP and IBM MQ. UFM processes "Action" commands which are controlled through an UFM Workflow XML file. The user combines a series of Action commands to create the UFM Workflow XML file.

MQ Channel Monitor

The MQ Channel Monitor v1.1.0 (MQCM) application is a software package that is designed to gather and to display the status of MQ channels of the queue manager. MQCM displays 16 columns of channel status information. The display is automatically refreshed. The user can define filters so that only particular channels will have their status displayed.

MQ File Mover

The MQ File Mover v4.1.8 application is now deprecated. MQ File Mover has been superceded by Universal File Mover.

Message Multiplexer

The Message Multiplexer v1.4.1 (MMX) application will get a message from a queue and output it to one or more queues. Context information is maintained across the message put(s). Basically, this program is a message cloner.

Message Router

The Message Router v1.1.0 (MRTR) application will move a message from a central queue to a specific application queue. The destination queue that the message will be placed into will be based on a keyword in the message. Context information is maintained across the get then message put.

MQ Port Scan

The MQ Port Scan v1.0.0 application will scan a range of ports for a given server looking for a queue manager's MCA, using the standard (system default) channel names, in order to make a successful connection.


The MQRC2 v1.1.1 and MQRC2-GUI v1.0.1 applications can interpret an MQ reason code number (i.e. 2035), MQ reason code symbol (i.e. MQRC_OBJECT_IN_USE) or AMQ message number (i.e. AMQ4005) and display the relevant information from the IBM MQ Messages manual.


The MQWhat v1.2.0 application is a great tool for documenting which MQ components are installed and active on a particular server. Since, MQ component information is contained in various files and / or outputted by MQ programs, MQWhat is designed to collect and summarize the MQ information and present the information to the user's screen in a concise manner.

Round Robin Messaging

The Round Robin Messaging v1.0.0 (RRM) application will move messages from a single input queue to 'n' output queues ('n' can be up to 99) in a round robin fashion.

Parser, Syntax Checker and Interpreter

The Parser, Syntax Checker and Interpreter tools provide a simple means for parsing strings, perform syntax checking and interpreting the parameters and/or values of the parsed strings. The basis for parsing and syntax checking is "rules-based", as opposed to constructing a complex syntax tree, which is data structure used by compiler writers. The "rules-based" structure is not as comprehensive as a syntax tree, but it is easier to implement and understand, and more than suffices for tool builders.


The ServerStatus v1.0.1 application will display a window that shows the status of a list of servers, NAS, routers, etc... ServerStatus will 'ping' each server / network device once per minute to determine if it is 'online' or 'offline'.