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Denmark, Norway and Iceland
Contact: Søren Hansen
Tel: +45 26 127 128
Email: soren@capitalware.com
Contact: Itschak Mugzach
Tel: +972 522 986404
Email: i_mugzach@capitalware.com
Contact: Kohsuke Okada
Tel: +81-3-5835-0677
Email: kokada@capitalware.com
Sweden, Finland and the Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Contact: Stig Eksten
Tel: +46 8 519 71 202 for Sweden
  +358 500 524424 for Finland and Baltics
Email: stig@capitalware.com
South Africa
Contact: A.H. (Eric) Sommer
Tel: +27 11 447 4701
Email: eric@capitalware.com
USA Federal, State and Local Government Agencies
Contact: Nixon Naidu
Tel: +1-202-241-5930
Email: nixon@capitalware.com


Australia and New Zealand:
Intellitron Pty Ltd. www.intellitron.com.au
Microsource LTD www.microsource.co.nz
Soft Solutions Limited www.sofsol.co.nz
ASM Technologies Ltd www.asmtech.com
CCP Software GmbH www.ccpsoft.de
Grey Matter www.greymatter.com
McLicense www.mclicense.de
MegaSoft www.megasoft.de
PC-Ware www.pc-ware.de
RACON Software GmbH www.racon-linz.at
Rambla Informatica s.l. www.ramblainf.com
Ravenholm Computing A/S. www.ravenholm.dk
SoftWorld www.gosw.com
SMLB www.smlb.com
Software Experience S.r.l. www.software-exp.com
SOS Developers www.sosdevelopers.com
A K Systems & Softwares Pvt Ltd www.aksystemsoft.com
Alliance PROSYS India Pvt Ltd www.allianceprosys.com/
Login Infotech Pvt Ltd www.login2it.com
Preflex Solutions Pvt. Limited www.preflexsol.com
Rabita Software www.rabitasoft.com
Select Software (I) Pvt Ltd www.selectindia.com
North America
ASAP Software, Inc. (Dell) www.asap.com
CompuCom www.compucom.com
ComputerTech www.computertech.com
En Pointe Technologies. www.enpointe.com
GHA Technologies, Inc. www.gha-associates.com
Insight, Inc. www.insight.com
Metafore www.metafore.ca
MicroAge www.microage.com
NASCO www.nasco.com
PC Connection, Inc. www.pcconnection.com
Present www.present.ca
Programmer's Paradise www.programmers.com
Prorizon Corporation www.prorizon.com
QBS Software Ltd. www.qbssoftware.com
SeaSupplier, Ltd. www.seasupplier.com
Softchoice Corporation www.softchoice.com
SHI International Corp. www.shi.com
Synnex www.synnex.com
Wayside Technology Group www.waysidetechnology.com
I-Teco www.i-teco.ru
Quarta Technologies www.quarta.ru
South America
Strattus Software, Inc. www.strattus.com.br


Join Capitalware's Reseller Program

If you are a software reseller and would like to join Capitalware's reseller program, please send an email to sales@capitalware.com