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My name is Roger Lacroix and I am a die hard programmer. I have been programming since the 80s. My favorite programming languages are Java, C and Rexx. I have worked in the Airline, Retail but I have spent most of my time doing middleware work in the financial services industry. In 1994, I was introduced to MQSeries (now called WebSphere MQ) and I thought it was the next best thing since man created fire. This blog will be about WebSphere MQ, Java, C, Rexx and any other interesting items that I can think of. I hope you enjoy it.

Fedora 27 Released


Fedora Project Contributors have just released Fedora v27. Fedora is a Linux-based operating system, a suite of software that makes your computer run. You can use the Fedora operating system to replace or to run alongside of other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. The Fedora operating system is 100% […]

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Autonomous Lost Message Notifier


All too often, I and the world of MQAdmins hear architects, programmers, support personal, etc. say: MQ has lost my message. Where is my message? What happened to the reply message for the request message? If you need to track or audit messages and/or message flows then your company needs to invest in a commercial […]

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SVRCONN Channel Crashes with Exit & Channel Statistics Enabled


IBM has issued a fix for a “IT22101: amqrmppa process crashes if SVRCONN channel is running with exit, channel statistics and async consume”. This one was found by a Capitalware customer. 🙁 Regards, Roger Lacroix Capitalware Inc.

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Managed .NET Channel Security Exit Not Valid


IBM has issued a fix for a “managed .NET client can not reference security exit in a path that contains parentheses”. Regards, Roger Lacroix Capitalware Inc.

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IBM MQ V9.0.4 Continuous Delivery Announced


IBM has announced IBM MQ V9.0.4 Continuous Delivery: Highlights for MQ Base: – Additional support of REST API for administration – New REST API for messaging – Proxy support for IBM Cloud Product Insights – Salesforce bridge – Extended platform support for CD releases Highlights for MQ Advanced: – Replicated data queue managers – […]

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SQLite v3.21.0 Released


D. Richard Hipp has just released SQLite v3.21.0. SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain. Regards, Roger Lacroix Capitalware Inc.

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Jewelry, Crafting and Nik Naks


My 2 daughters, Courtney and Sarah, have been crafting for several years creating all sorts of jewelry and nik naks for themselves, family and friends. They have decided to be entrepreneurs and start a store on Etsy. Here’s their first 2 items: You can find their Etsy store here: Regards, Roger Lacroix Capitalware Inc.

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The 2nd Little Birdie to Leave the Nest


The 2nd Little Birdie to Leave the Nest Tyler (son #2) is in 4th year engineering at the University of Western Ontario in the Mechatronic Systems Engineering program. He too has done very well in the program maintaining a high 90’s average. Over the last few months, he has been applying for a full-time job […]

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Ubuntu 17.10 Released


Ubuntu has just released Ubuntu v17.10. Super-fast, easy to use and free, the Ubuntu operating system powers millions of desktops, netbooks and servers around the world. Ubuntu does everything you need it to. It’ll work with your existing PC files, printers, cameras and MP3 players. And it comes with thousands of free apps. Regards, […]

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OpenBSD v6.2 Released


Theo de Raadt has just released OpenBSD v6.2. The OpenBSD project produces a FREE, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. Our efforts emphasize portability, standardization, correctness, proactive security and integrated cryptography. Regards, Roger Lacroix Capitalware Inc.

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