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JMSException and MQ Reason Codes

J2EE (JMS) programmers who are new to WebSphere MQ sometimes are confused as to why they are getting a particular JMS exception. The problem with the JMS / MQ layer is that the useful MQ information is hidden in the JMSException. By useful MQ information, I mean the MQ Completion Code (CC) and Reason Code […]

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Capitalware Products for WMQ v5.3 on 32-bit Unix

As of December 31st, 2010, Capitalware will no longer support its products on the 32-bit release of WebSphere MQ v5.3 (or earlier) on Unix (AIX, HP-UX and Solaris). Note: This does not affect the support of WebSphere MQ 32-bit for Linux. IBM ended support for WebSphere MQ v5.3 for distributed platforms on September 22, 2006. […]

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WebSphere MQ v6 End of Service

Well, we are now down to 9 and 1/2 months before WebSphere MQ v6 goes out of service. The end of service date for WebSphere MQ v6 on distributed platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows, IBM i, etc…) is September 30th, 2011. The official official announcement can be found here: So MQAdmins, it is time to […]

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New: MQ Auditor v1.1.0

Capitalware Inc. would like to announce the official release of MQ Auditor v1.1.0. This is a FREE upgrade for ALL licensed users of MQ Auditor. MQ Auditor is a solution that allows a company to audit/track all MQ API calls performed by MQ applications that are connected to a queue manager. For more information about […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

My wife and I have 5 kids, so at this time of year things are very hectic. The kids are saying “let it snow and bring on Christmas”. 🙂 I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc… and a Happy New Year. 🙂 Regards, Roger Lacroix

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Information on MQ Best Practices

There is not a lot of published information on WebSphere MQ best practices. The following is a list of books / manuals and web sites that I have found on MQ best practices: DeveloperWorks Article: The top 15 WebSphere MQ best practices DeveloperWorks Article: WebSphere MQ for iSeries Best Practices guide Web Site: […]

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Tyler releases version 2 of his Air Hockey app

My son, Tyler (who turned 16 in October), has released version 2 of his Air Hockey game. New features in version 2 are: Online Multiplayer support via the Game Center (free) Added 2 more Achievements The Air Hockey app is free. If you are into hockey and want a free “i” device app then please […]

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My MQ Failover Test for a happier MQ environment

Anytime I do contract work as an MQ Admin, I make sure I am allowed to implement an application failover certification test. Golden Rule: The application’s production queues / queue managers do NOT get defined / created until the application has successfully passed the failover test. I get totally screamed at by the application managers, […]

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Ten Commandments of WebSphere MQ

The following Ten Commandments (and Amendments) have been collected from the MQ ListServer. If developers and MQAdmins follow these Commandments and Amendments then they will have far, far fewer headaches (and 2:00 AM phone calls). Ten Commandments Thou shalt not use a queue as a database. Thou shalt backup your pagesets, filesystems, and logs. Thou […]

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Where to Find MQ Information?

I get asked on a regular basis about where people can find information on WebSphere MQ. So, here is a list of internet places that I have bookmarked. ListServers and Forums:MQ ListServer is an email list-server where users can ask questions or post comments about MQ: IBM’s DeveloperWorks has a mirror of the […]

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