New: MQ Standard Security Exit v2.1.0

Capitalware Inc. would like to announce the official release of MQ Standard Security Exit v2.1.0. This is a FREE upgrade for ALL licensed users of MQ Standard Security Exit. MQ Standard Security Exit is a solution that allows a MQAdmin to control and restrict who is accessing a WebSphere MQ resource.

For more information about MQ Standard Security Exit go to:

    Changes for MQ Standard Security Exit v2.1.0:

  • Added new CheckFinalUserID keyword. It will take the final UserID and reprocess it against UseAllowUserID, AllowUserID, UseRejectUserID, RejectUserID and Allowmqm keywords.
  • Improved the IniFile processing speed.
  • Fixed an issue with Enterprise License key not being loaded from a License file.
  • Fixed an issue with MQSSX not recognizing the filename specified for FBAFile keyword.
  • Tested with WMQ v8.0
  • Tested with Windows 8/8.1

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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