MQ Set UserID v1.0.1

Capitalware Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MQ Set UserID (MQSUI) and MQ Set UserID for z/OS (z/MQSUI). MQSUI and z/MQSUI are ‘licensed as free’ software. i.e. Same as how IBM licenses MQ Client software.

MQSUI and z/MQSUI provides the ability to explicitly set a UserID via a MQ Channel’s Send, Receive or Message Exit.

  • MQSUI is an MQ exit that will operate with WebSphere MQ v6.0, v7.0, v7.1, v7.5 or v8.0 in Windows, Unix, IBM i and Linux environments.
  • z/MQSUI is an MQ exit that will operate with WebSphere MQ v5.3.1, v6.0, v7.0, v7.1 or v8.0 for z/OS environments.

  • Fixed an issue on Windows with freeing environment variable memory (error with FreeEnvironmentStrings Windows API call)
  • Fixed an issue with using “size_t” variable type when it should have been “int”

Both MQSUI and z/MQSUI are licensed as a free product. They are free to use but support is not included. A support license may be purchased.

For more information about MQSUI, please go to:
Or for z/MQSUI, please go to:

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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