Sessions by Tracks for MQTC v2.0.1.7

I have created a new web page called ‘Tracks‘. I have group sessions together by various Tracks. It is designed to help attendees determine what sessions they should attend at MQ Technical Conference v2.0.1.7 (MQTC).

I have created 8 Tracks and here is the list:

  • MQ Beginners
  • MQ Administration
  • MQ Advanced Administration
  • MQ Programming
  • MQ Security
  • MQ Performance
  • MQ on z/OS
  • MQ Architecture

This is the first year (I think) that there are enough ‘intro’ sessions to justify an ‘MQ Beginners’ Track. Here are the sessions for this track:

  • Introduction to MQ by Sam Goulden
  • Introduction to the MQI by Morag Hughson
  • Introduction to MQ Clients by Paul Clarke
  • An Introduction to MQ Publish/Subscribe by Matt Whitehead
  • An Introduction to and Comparison of the Different APIs supported by MQ by Matt Whitehead
  • What’s New in IBM Messaging by Mark Taylor
  • Where’s my message? by Matt Leming
  • Introduction to z/OS Shared Queues by Matt Leming
  • MQ Security – An Overview & Recap MQ’s Various Security Features by Rob Parker
  • MQ for z/OS – An introduction to object authorization on that ‘other’ queue manager by Lyn Elkins & Mitch Johnson
  • Introducing the IBM MQ Appliance by Sam Goulden
  • IBM MQ MFT – An Overview and Usage by Barry Lamkin
  • Introduction to JSON by Roger Lacroix
  • Introduction to Kafka (and why you care) by Richard Nikula

So, if your company has some ‘newbies’ that need MQ training, this is the perfect year to get some very cheap MQ training.

For more information about MQTC, please go to:

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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  1. Yes! Excellent! The MQ Beginners track is a really really good idea Roger.