Second Day of MQ Technical Conference

Rob Parker presenting ‘MQ Security – An Overview & Recap MQ’s Various Security Features’ session:

Paul Clarke presenting ‘Introduction to MQ Clients’ session:

Glen Brumbaugh & Rob Lee presenting ‘MQ & MQ MFT and How They Work in Tandem’ session:

Matt Whitehead presenting ‘MQ Hybrid Cloud Architectures’ session:

Sam Goulden presenting ‘MQ Appliance – HA & DR Deep Dive’ session:


T.Rob Wyatt presenting ‘MQ Automation: Config Management using Baselines, Patterns and Apps’ session:

Roger Lacroix presenting ‘Introduce to JSON’ session:

Afternoon desserts – cheesecake:

Chris Frank presenting ‘What’s new with Logging in IBM MQ?’ session:

Tuesday evening in the Vendor Pavilion:

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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