MQ Visual Browse V2.3.0 Released

Capitalware Inc. would like to announce the official release of MQ Visual Browse v2.3.0. This is a FREE upgrade for ALL licensed users of MQ Visual Browse V2. MQ Visual Browse allows users to view messages in a queue and/or topic of a IBM MQ queue manager and presents the data in a simplified format similar to a database utility or spreadsheet program.

For more information about MQ Visual Browse go to:

    Changes for MQ Visual Browse v2.3.0:

  • Fixed issue with using both Topic Name and Topic String
  • Added code to update screen title with either (1) days remaining in subscription or (2) days remaining in trial.
  • Added code to show resolved topic object for dock title and application title.
  • Fixed an issue with Generate Report and low values being converted to spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with File -> Add Queue Manager Access Profile feature adding the queue manager to the wrong group.
  • Added code on Registration window to remove a single quote (‘) from the name field when retrieving the Access Code.
  • Added code to make sure all MQExceptions are caught.
  • Added Clear button on Registration window to allow the user to remove name, email address, license key and access code from the saved settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Refresh Queue option caused another thread (to inquire on the queue) to be launched for the Status dock.
  • Rewrote the internals of MQ Visual Browse to better handle data conversion between codepages.
  • MQ Visual Browse is now built as a 64-bit executable for Linux, macOS and Windows.
  • Updated docs (English only)

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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