Beta testers needed for MQ Channel Connection Inspector


Capitalware is ready for beta testers for a new solution called: MQ Channel Connection Inspector.

Have you ever had client applications or remote queue managers attempt to connect to your queue manager but failed and the user claimed they used the “correct values”.

I’ve created a new solution to quickly diagnose this problem and need some beta testers to give me some feedback. MQ Channel Connection Inspector (MQCCI) is an MQ Channel Security Exit. For those who don’t know, a channel security exit is ONLY invoked/called by the MCA for MQCONN/X and MQDISC API calls (so it is very light-weight). The MCA passes the MQCD and MQCXP structures to the channel security exit. Those structures contain SSL/TLS fields, MCAUserId, batch size, retry information, etc. The MQCD structure has 82 fields and the MQCXP structure 26 fields (see MQ’s cmqxc.h file for more details).

I have designed MQCCI to output any or all of the fields from the MQCD and MQCXP structures (user selectable). The information is written to a CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) file. Right now, the output is in the format of “field=value,field=value,field=value,etc.”. The “value” data has been converted to human-readable format. The first question for beta testers is this an acceptable format or would you prefer a true CSV/spreadsheet format. i.e. where the field/column names are in row 1 and only the values are in rows 2 through to the last row.

Current format:

2018/01/10 17:25:07.712373, CONN, QMgrName=MQWT1, ChlName=TEST.EXIT, CD_MaxMsgLength=4194304, CD_PutAuthority=MQPA_DEFAULT, CD_MCAUserIdentifier=barney, CD_ConnectionName=, CD_RemoteUserIdentifier=barney, CXP_RemoteProduct=MQCC, CXP_RemoteVersion=0800,

Or a true CSV/spreadsheet format would be (row # 1 would only be in the CSV file once):

"Date/Time", "API Call", Queue Manager Name", "Channel Name", "CD_MaxMsgLength", "CD_PutAuthority", "CD_MCAUserIdentifier", "CD_ConnectionName", "CD_RemoteUserIdentifier", "CXP_RemoteProduct", "CXP_RemoteVersion",
"2018/01/10 17:25:07.712373", "CONN", "MQWT1", "TEST.EXIT", 4194304, "MQPA_DEFAULT", "barney", "", "barney", "MQCC", "0800",
"2018/01/10 17:25:09.446511", "CONN", "MQWT1", "TEST.EXIT", 4194304, "MQPA_DEFAULT", "wilma", "", "wilma", "MQCC", "0800",

I plan on building MQ Channel Connection Inspector for AIX, HP-UX (RISC & IA64), Solaris (SPARC & x86_64), Linux (x86, x86_64, POWER & zSeries), Windows and IBM i (OS/400) and z/OS. MQ Channel Connection Inspector will support WMQ v6.0, v7.0, v7.1, v7.5, v8.0 & v9.0.

Beta testing MQ Channel Connection Inspector is absolutely free including support (no strings attached).

If you interesting in trying it out, please send an email to to request a trial of MQ Channel Connection Inspector,

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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