Call for Speakers for MQ Technical Conference v2.0.1.8

We are looking for speakers on any product/service that uses IBM MQ (aka WebSphere MQ & MQSeries) for MQ Technical Conference v2.0.1.8 (MQTC). The sessions are to be technical in nature and on any subject so long as it relates to MQ (and you are a SME, Subject Matter Expert, on the topic you are presenting).

We offer speakers the conference fee for free and we also pay for your room at Kalahari Resorts. Note: Breakfast and lunch plus snacks & drinks during the breaks are included for all attendees and speakers.

If you are interested please contact me at

MQTC is a premier event that brings together IBM MQ professionals from across the mid-west and the world. MQTC will offer 71 technical sessions and 15 vendor sessions that are designed to enhance the skills of IT professionals who are using IBM’s IBM MQ on AIX, HP-UX, IBM i (OS/400), Linux, Solaris, Windows and z/OS.

MQTC is the largest conference in the world solely dedicated to IBM MQ.

More information on MQTC can be found at

Roger Lacroix
Capitalware Inc.

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