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z/OS C sample code. z/OS Assembler sample code.

z/OS (OS/390) REXX sample code.

Name Description
BA Browse a sequential file or GDG that has RECFM as FBA. When you browse a dataset with this utility, column 1 will be included.
Batch Batch is a rexx program that will submit JCL to run another rexx program in batch.
Calendar A rexx program to build a calendar. Requires my sample ISR@PRIM panel.
ISPF Primary Panel ISPF/PDF Primary Panel.
C Checker The purpose of this macro is to make it easier to find unmatched comments and brackets in a C program.
Create GDG statements From a list generated by FINDGDG, build all GDG statements to re-create the GDG base DSNs or delete the GDG base DSNs.
Find GDG base DSNs You provide only a partial dataset name and FINDGDG will find all base GDG names that match the partial dataset name and then display the list to you.
Full Screen TSO Command Full screen browse of tso command results. Perfect when you need to read the TSO HELP for info.
Full Screen Listcat Full screen version of the Listcat command.
Remove Duplicates Remove all duplicate lines from a dataset.
Display all SYSVARs Show all SYSVARs variable values.

z/OS (OS/390) EDIT MACRO CLIST sample code.

Name Description
All Basically a reset command. For VM Xedit compatibility.
Find All Find all strings. Takes up to 3 parameters.
Find Label Find a string (label) in columns 1 to 10.
Remove 73-80 Remove all characters between columns 73 to 80.

z/OS (OS/390) C sample code.

Name Description
ISPF and C Sample code to do an ISPF Browse command from a C program.
Character to Integer Conversion (and back) C routines to convert from character to integer (CharToInt) and integer to character (IntToChar). Extra padding of zeroes included.
Determine file size Sample code to determine file size.

z/OS (OS/390) Assembler sample code.

Name Description
Sleep program A sleep routine that can be used with your REXX programs.
Register Equates General purpose register equates.
WTO and integers Sample code to show how to output an integer number using WTO.
WTO Sample Sample code to show how to output static and dynamic fields using WTO.



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