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Java White Papers

File Size Date Description
Click to Read 0.1 2003/07 Java Coding Practices for Improved Application Performance. Author: Lloyd Hagemo of Candle
Click to Read 0.3 2000/01 Writing Robust Java Code. The AmbySoft Inc. Coding Standards for Java v17.01d. Author: Scott W. Ambler

JMS - Java Message Service White Papers

File Size Date Description
Click to Read 1.1 2003/07 BEA WebLogic JMS Performance Guide . This white paper explains how to tune BEA WebLogic Server™ JMS versions 6.0 through 8.1 to achieve better performance and higher availability. Author: BEA
  0.1 2005/01 Best practices to improve performance in JMS. Author: Ravi Kalidindi and Rohini Kalidindi.
Click to Read 0.2 2003/12 High-Performance JMS Messaging. A Benchmark Comparison of Sun Java System Message Queue and IBM IBM MQ. Author: Crimson Consulting Group
Click to Read 0.4 2008/02 JMS Performance Comparison. This paper presents a performance analysis of publish/subscribe messaging throughput of FioranoMQ, SonicMQ, TIbco EMS and ActiveMQ. Author: Fiorano
Click to Read 0.1 2004/10 JMS Performance Comparison. This white paper presents a performance analysis of the publish/subscribe messaging throughput of FiorinoMQ 7.5, SonicMQ 6.0, Tibco EMS 4.0 and IBM WebSphereMQ 5.3. Author: Krissoft Solutions
download file 0.1 1999/10 SonicMQ - The role of Java Messaging and XML in EAI. This white paper from Hurwitz Group and Progress Software looks at the JMS-based SonicMQ solution and where it might fit in the world. Author: Hurwitz Group

Middleware White Papers

File Size Date Description
Click to Read 0.1 2003/03 10 Keys To Successful EAI. Author: Andy Carl
download file 0.19 2000/06 Article: 'Computing in an e-business world.'. This white paper gives an industry perspective on the e-business revolution and how it has made IT more critical to business processes than ever before. It also provides a blueprint for e-business infrastructure and the impact it can have on IT and, ultimately, all business operations. Author: IBM.
download file 0.09 2000/06 Article: 'Infrastructure Agility'. This paper examines what IT organizations must do to create agile e-business infrastructures with solid foundations that are capable of changing with future need and demand. Author: IBM.
download file 0.03 2000/01 Article: 'Middleware: The Technology Foundation to Enable an Agile e-Business'. Author: Aberdeen Group Inc.
  0.19 2000/06 Article: 2000 Forecast for the Application Integration Market. Author: Mike Gilpin of GIGA.
download file 0.68 2000/01 EAI Forecast: The Future of Enterprise Integration Services Extended Enterprise Applications, a 34-page report by the IT investment banking firm of Cherry Tree & Co., takes an in-depth look at the market and technology trends in the EAI, ERP, CRM and SCM industries-collectively referred to as "extended enterprise applications." The report defines the concept of the extended enterprise and outlines the key integration services likely to emerge to aid the growth of these extended enterprises Author: IBM.

SOA - Service Oriented Architecture White Papers

File Size Date Description
Click to Read 0.45 2004/06 Assessing your SOA Readiness. This whitepaper provides a brief introduction to Pragmatic SOA as well as its benefits and challenges. Author: Sun Microsystems
Click to Read 0.5 2006/12 Developing Composite Applications: Comparing the Total Cost of Ownership. This white paper describes the proposition for building composite applications and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings a business can achieve when implementing this solution architecture. Author: Butler Group
Click to Read 1.1 2007/09 Get Serious About SOA Governance. This white paper explains why governance is so crucial to reaping the full benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Author: BEA
Click to Read 0.6 2007/12 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Specialized Messaging Patterns. This white paper shares ideas about data interaction patterns within SOA and it illustrates some common concepts with a service oriented architecture view. Author: Adobe
Click to Read 0.2 2007/10 Smart SOA: Best practices for agile innovation and optimization. This white paper outlines IBM's approach to SOA, garnered from best practices and lessons learned from experiences with clients to help extend the value of SOA deployments in a set of guiding principles. Author: IBM
Click to Read 0.4 2007/04 SOA Governance: Necessary Protection for a Strategic Business Investment. This white paper is on the "whys" of SOA governance, including a definition, examination of the roles and benefits of governance, and guidance regarding how to develop and maintain effective SOA governance. Author: IBM
Click to Read 0.4 2005/03 SOA - A New Alternative to Traditional Technology Integration. This white paper is examine the basic premises underlying SOAs and describe how universal technology and service adapters, such as those from iWay Software, can help organizations realize the benefits of SOAs. Author: John Senor of iWay Software
Click to Read 1.0 2006/03 Systematic Development and the Service Oriented Architecture. This white paper discusses the methodology, governance, and architecture constitute a systematic approach to development—any kind of development. Author: Sun Microsystems
Click to Read 0.2 2006/02 The SOA Platform Guide: Evaluate, Extend, Embrace. This white paper explains the characteristics and components of an SOA that can deliver exceptional flexibility and high ROI for years to come. Author: Sun Microsystems
Click to Read 1.3 2008/05 Worst Practices in SOA Implementation. This white paper provides insight into the top-four worst practices for SOA integration. It also provides guidance on how to avoid and/or overcome these worst practices in order to realize the true value of an open, reusable integration architecture. Author: John Senor of Information Builders

IBM MQ White Papers

File Size Date Description
download file 0.08 2000/08 A Benchmark Comparison of Progress SonicMQ and IBM MQSeries. The middleware grand prix is under way. Which of the two great middleware technologies, Progress SonicMQ or IBM MQSeries, is the fastest? This white paper from Point Solutions provides some surprising answers. Author: Point Solutions
Click to Read 0.8 2006/03 BEA AquaLogic Service Bus and IBM MQ. This white paper discusses how to integrate a clustered BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Domain with a clustered IBM IBM MQ environment. Author: BEA
download file 0.13 1999/03 Article: How to Conquer Security Challenges in Distributed Messaging Environments. Author: Candle Corp.
download file 1.41 1999/03 Article: How to Develop and Integrate IBM MQ Messaging Applications. Author: Burnie Blakeley, Harry Harris and Rhys Lewis.
download file 0.1 1999/03 Article: Triggering IBM MQ Channels in Distributed. Author: Wayne Bucek of Candle Corp.
Click to Read 0.11 2007/03 Providing a messaging backbone for SOA connectivity.. IBM IBM MQ's proven messaging technology and assured delivery solves your SOA integration challenges by simplifying data transfer and reducing the risk of data loss across more than 80 supported operating environments. Author: IBM.
download file 0.11 2000/02 IBM MQ Clustering on Windows NT. Author: CGI Group Inc.
download file 0.11 2000/03 IBM MQ Clustering on Windows NT: Defining on IBM MQ Cluster. Author: CGI Group Inc.
download file 0.14 1999/04 IBM MQ Security White Paper. A white paper on implementing IBM MQ security. Author: IBM
download file 0.11 2000/03 Performance Comparison - Express Mode Delivery. A Performance Comparison of IBM IBM MQ 5.1 and Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) 2.0 on Windows 2000: Express Delivery Mode. Author: IBM
download file 0.2 2000/06 Performance Comparison - Transactional. A Performance Comparison of IBM IBM MQ 5.1 and Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) 2.0 on Windows 2000: Transactional and Persistent Delivery Modes (Including a critique of Microsoft's recent NSTL performance report) Author: IBM

WebSphere MQ Integrator White Papers

File Size Date Description
Click to Read 0.1 1998/05 Business Integration with WebSphere MQ and WebSphere MQ Integrator. Author: IBM.
  0.01 N/A The Essential WebSphere MQ Integrator. Author: IBM.
  0.01 N/A WebSphere MQ Integrator: A Technical overview. Author: IBM.
  0.01 N/A Rules for WebSphere MQ Integrator: The Backbone of Enterprise Application Integration. Author: IBM.
  0.01 N/A Formatter for WebSphere MQ Integrator: Managing and Integrating Data Across the Enterprise. Author: IBM.